Cedar Park Dog Park Now Open

The Austin area has a lot of parks that are dog friendly, and many even have off-leash areas. However, most dogs (including ours) can’t necessarily be trusted not to run away. Previously, we would trek out to Georgetown’s Dog Park (The Bark Park) – which is a great park, but it’s nearly a 30 minute drive from Cedar Park. Now – just down the road is the new Cedar Park dog park (it’s official name is the Cedar Park Bark Park), and is a great alternative to the large park in Georgetown.

The Cedar Park dog park has three areas – two for dogs over 30 pounds and one for those weighing less. As is typical – smaller dogs are allowed in the larger dog area, but the other way around. Why two large dog areas? One has access to a large pond equipped with a dock that dogs can jump off of. If you’re dog loves the water but you’re not in the mood to carry home a wet dog, the second large dog area is secluded from the water.

You’ll still want to bring a towel with you – since the grass has just been seeded and much of the park is rather muddy – though the people-paths are paved with crushed stone.

I visited the park this last weekend and while most dogs were hanging out near the water’s edge, one boxer was having a blast jumping in after his toy (pictures below).

We had trouble finding any official information on the new dog park in Cedar Park, so I’ve also included a map:

Cedar Park Dog Park Map/Directions:

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Cedar Park Dog Park - Boxer Jumping in Water

Cedar Park Dog Park - Boxer Jumping in Water - Splash

Cedar Park Dog Park - Boxer Swimming