Austin Wedding Videography Packages Explained: What is the Docu-Style Interview?

Included in our “Platinum Package” is the “Docu-Style Interview” – which may sound strange if you’re not familiar with the concept.

The interview is filmed on a separate day prior to your wedding and encompasses a sit-down, documentary-style interview with you and your fiance. We talk about how you met, how you knew each other were the one, etc.

This is sometimes referred to as a “Love Story Video” or even an “Engagement Video.” We try to film the interview prior to your wedding day for multiple reasons.

First, your wedding day is hectic enough – having the presence of mind to do an interview and appear relaxed isn’t easy. Second, an early production allows you to display your video online before your wedding, as part of your invitation, or even at your wedding shower or rehearsal dinner.

Check out the video above of Adam and Katie (which was actually featured on!) for an idea of what you could expect.